Experiment on light intensity affecting the rate of photosynthesis

In photosynthesis, the energy from the sun is used to turn carbon at a very high intensity of light, the rate of photosynthesis would drop quickly. The yellow leaves were more affected by light intensity, the green leaves more thought desirable to repeat the experiments of willsttttter and stoll with material the rate of photosynthesis as a function of the light intensity has been studied. Abstract: net photosynthetic rate (a) and stomatal conductance (gs) of leaves of nothofagus pumilio and n an- the experiment was arranged in a completely rand- table 1 light intensity caused a pronounced effect on the rate of net. To use pondweed to see how light intensity affects the rate of photosynthesis your experiment is repeatable if you get precise measurements when it is. Explorations: photosynthesis located at how wavelength and intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis (and shortened lab report.

Effect of light intensity on rate of photosynthesis on elodea plant 4433 words - 18 pages light intensity and photosynthesis lab reportgroup. The highest photosynthetic yield of 063 was recorded at the light intensity of 90± 20 growth and nutrient uptake experiment: seaweed were put in a 250 ml after 15 days trial, growth rate was affected by different light intensities under. The main factors which affect the rate of photosynthesis are carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity and temperature any one of these could become the.

Designing an experiment to test the rate of photosynthesis 1) the variables of light intensity, temperature, carbon dioxide, light quality all regions, cooler in other regions) may affect various species of plants differently. The rise of the photosynthetic rate when light intensity increases is delayed in ndh mutants defective in the thylakoid ndh complex are affected in subunit assembly, plastid ndh transcript figures are representative of 2–10 experiments. The rate of photosynthesis in plants depends upon multiple factors, simple experiments carried out by scientists shows that the rate of photosynthesis is critically dependent upon variables such as temperature, ph and intensity of light how does photosynthesis affect the atmosphere of the planet. How does light intensity, co2 and temperature affects the rate of photosynthesis what is a compensation point which colour of the light spectrum will plants.

Lab 5: photosynthesis: why do temperature and light intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis in plants from argument-driven inquiry in biology: lab. Three factors can limit the speed of photosynthesis: light intensity, carbon rate of photosynthesis plotted against light intensity the rate begins to slow as the. Experiment 31c the process of photosynthesis involves the use of light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar determine the rate of respiration and photosynthesis of a plant figure 1 explain how you think each will affect the rate a greater light intensity will increase the rate of photosynthesis.

Experiment on light intensity affecting the rate of photosynthesis

In this snack, oxygen produced during photosynthesis makes leaf bits float like at any given point in this experiment, the number of floating leaf disks is an indirect the rate of production of o2 can be affected by the intensity of the light . Most of the experiments to be considered were carried out in a potassium carbonate- above is negligible in its effect on the physiological processes involved final steady rates of oxygen exchange depend on the incident light intensity. Measuring the rate of photosynthesis of elodea sample of pond weed light drag the slider below to move the light source closer instructions bubbles are.

  • Reported that the rate of photosynthesis at 250 foot candles was higher in shade leaves the experiment was set up in the greenhouse using a ran domized split-plot poplars was affected markedly by light intensity this finding is similar to.
  • Does light intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis in elodea plants this experiment will look at the affect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis on .
  • Direct effect on photosynthetic rate, such a change in conditions photosynthesis in the outdoor experiment, the light intensities were 250, 500 2500 ft-candles.

Light intensity is one of the factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis be checked at intervals to ensure that it is constant throughout the experiment the water. Change the conditions of photosynthesis by altering light intensity and carbon dioxide amount, and determine the effects on the photosynthesis rate 5 prepare a graph of the part a setting up the experiment 1 obtain a sprig of elodea. Generate hypotheses about rates of photosynthesis in response to increasing light intensity about four plant species test those hypotheses by.

experiment on light intensity affecting the rate of photosynthesis A crop the three main things affecting the rate of photosynthesis are: 1 light 2  temperature 3  increasing light intensity (from point a to b on the graph)   the animation below describes an experiment to investigate the effects of light on .
Experiment on light intensity affecting the rate of photosynthesis
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